Winter Greetings

Posted: 12/22/2010

I've spent the month of December in a little town called Marco Island, Florida.  I've been fortunate to know someone who has a home here and has been so gracious to let me stay here!  Oh gee, truth be told- it's my boyfriend's parents.  They have this great house here, and because of the nature of my work, I have much flexibility with my time.  And so we decided that we'd like to stay out of the Chicago cold as much as possible, so here we are!  Funny thing is, it hasn't been warm all that much.  It was freezing when we were in Orlando a couple of weeks ago with Lt Dan Band!  However, the temperatures are way above freezing and so it is something that I can be grateful for.  As for now, I'm sitting on the back porch typing this blog, and it is the second official day of winter, so I will appreciate the current 60-something degree weather as much as possible.  I think it may be warming up to the low 70s in the next few days, but then dropping down to the low 60s by Sunday or Monday.  Now that you've heard the weather forecast for my current whereabouts, in other news-  Lt Dan Band is starting to fill some dates in 2011.  We've got Hawaii USO Shows on the calendar in February, and Ft Carson in Colorado sometime in March.  I'm intending for 2011 to bring much joy and abundance into my life, and I extend the invitation for you to do the same!  Happy Holiday-ing and all the best to you as we bid 2010 farewell!  Peace.