Mari Anne started playing music when she was three or four years old (so her mother says).  Her family had a piano in the living room where she and her older sisters would bang on it regularly.  When a family friend was visiting one day, the friend's daughter began playing the simple "Heart and Soul" tune on the piano.  The 3- or 4-yr old Mari Anne heard this and was able to duplicate it, note for note.  It was somehow easy for her to hear melodies and play them back on the piano, as it is for any child to sing a simple melody... She continued to play piano "by ear" throughout her childhood when she'd hear a song she liked on the radio or television. 

As she grew older, she and her sisters took weekly piano lessons, played in recitals, sang at church and school, and at Christmastime performed living room concerts of every holiday song they knew or could read out of a piano book.  There was music everywhere, all the time with the Jayme girls, whether someone was practicing piano, dancing and singing rowdily, or blasting 80's pop music at an obnoxious volume.

By the time Mari Anne entered her first year of college, music was the thing she chose as her major.  Five years, three 4-year universities and two summer school sessions later, she graduated from Western Michigan University, where she sang in the highly-acclaimed vocal jazz group, Gold Company.  It was here too that she met her most influential mentors to date, Dr. Steve Zegree and Sunny Wilkinson.  At WMU a fanaticism for jazz took over, and along with brilliantly talented others, she developed her skills, her sound, and collaborated heavily in a variety of challenging and fun musical settings.

In Florida gigging as a singer with jazz groups, a funk band, and with the Voices of Liberty at EPCOT, she got some work experience as a legit professional musician.  So it was time to move on.  Mari relocated to Chicago, earned a Master of Music Degree in Jazz & Commercial Music from Roosevelt University, and started her making music in Chicago her career.

Many opportunities came and went.  She sang in jazz clubs and coffee shops, restaurants, wedding and corporate bands, and in small groups of her own design.  She adjudicated, accompanied, songwrote, backup sang, instructed, directed, recorded and performed in and around the Chicago area.  To this day, she very much considers Chicago her musical family!

Mari Anne's interests and life experience has led her to other disciplines such as bodywork and physical/emotional integration modalities.  She is a graduate of the Transformations School for Integrative Psychology and is a Certified Breathworker, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist (NCBTMB).  She sees clients for therapeutic bodywork, holistic coaching (RScP), and Breathwork.

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Headshots taken by Jennifer Girard.