Birth and Rebirth

Posted: 5/18/2006

This is a fun time for me, as I am diligently doing my best to pay attention to what I'm going through while I continue this journey of music-making... As I continue to spend time with my songs in the recording studio, I find out more about myself- more than I'd be willing to admit any other time, perhaps.  It is a process in letting go ("well, that doesn't bother me" or "I can live with that") in affirming self ("yeah, I like the way that sounded"), speaking my truth ("I don't really like that idea"), and for identifying what I want ("I want backups here..take those 2 bars out").  I must also mention that there are lessons in acceptance, denial, gratitude, patience, compassion, and discipline to name a few and some.  I had no idea that making a record would bring up all this stuff!  Perhaps this was the only way to do it.

And so it is to die to the idea(s) of what this music sounded like in my head, or what it sounds like today.  I no longer feel like this cd will never get done.  It is a work in progress, like me!