Summer Soulstice

Posted: 6/20/2006

I so appreciate the people who ask me, "Is your CD done yet?"  It has been tough for me to find an answer that suits me and this other person as to WHY it's not done..alas...I'm turning it over to the Universe.  Must it be so hard to finish this project as much as it is to answer a simple question?  Of course not.  This journey ain't over yet.  Hmm.  I came back from a transformative weekend with my Spiritual Community last Sunday, and realized that I don't play enough, that I came here to have fun!  It's mind-boggling as I reminisce days of old (i.e. yesterday) and remember that I AM enough, that the only pressures I feel are the ones I put on myself, that when people ask about my CD, it's 'cause they love me and want to hear good music, and that I am doing my best.  Ahh..relief comes quickly when I share my feelings.  Life is good.  My sister even bought me the t-shirt.