Come As You Are

Posted: 8/14/2006

Here we go...Accepting What Is is much harder than it seems.  Or is it?  If I accept that Life is tough sometimes, then Life is no longer tough.  It may be a bunch of other things, but I've gotten "tough" out of the way.  Now I can give it (my idea of Life) the opportunity to be something else.  In recovery I learn and re-learn that acceptance of what IS is the only way to move forward.  This seems to be my theme lately, as I look for more and more relief from the complexities of my habitual thought structures.  However, I spent last week in Monterey, California for the United Centers for Spiritual Living Asilomar Conference.  I danced my ass off at Gabrielle Roth's presentation of the "5 Rhythms" and got my mind blown at Gregg Braden's Workshop that proved that healing is a technology already within us!  Sound crazy?  Well, it was.  I was a big skeptic until now.  Anything is possible, even acceptance.  For me that means no more complaining about my pot-belly and jiggly thighs.  Darn.