O Happy Day

Posted: 9/21/2006

We are quite the intelligent beings we came to be, yes?  I have to agree with myself here.  I also have to laugh at myself for this, for the thing that is coming to my mind right now are the current Snickers candy bar ads I've noticed all over Chicagoland billboards and public transportation buses.  They say words like, "Satisfectellent" and "Hungerectomy."  Now, nowhere on this ad does it say "Eat Snickers candy bars" or anything even close.  The picture is in the word itself, as if 'Satisfectellent' replaces the actual "Snickers" label.  Why is this news, you ask?  It is interesting to me that we can take 2-3 words (i.e., satisfy, satisfaction, excellent) of the English language and combine them into a 'word' that we understand is really saying, "Eat more Snickers bars."  This is one example of just how smart we are.  Or how creative we are.  Or how bored we are.  To me, it takes a profound awareness of self to detach from external things, to withdraw from being triggered by something outside of us, to consciously respond to something rather than react to it.  It all happens in one moment.  So even if I was hungry, even now, I'd probably reach for some other kind of chocolate.