Story Time

Posted: 2/11/2007

"It's always more fun to share with everyone.."  This is the lyric to a Jack Johnson tune called "The Sharing Song," a song I heard sung this morning by my friend Darrell Jones.  Indeed it is a great idea to share, indeed it is a great idea to do all kinds of things.  Yet the one thing that I continue to grapple with in my life is this subject of Love.  Love!  Love is visibly more apparent this month in the forms of flowers & gifts, candy, lots of things pink and red, and of course, Valentine cards!  Love notes, if you will.  What is this once-a-year-give-one-to-everyone-in-your-class former practice that I used to enjoy so much as a kid?  It was certainly work!  I remember sitting down with the list of my classmates' names, meticulously choosing the perfect valentine for each person.  How much care I put into those things, how fun it was to give and receive.  I share this story because I know that I could make it a lot easier on myself in my relationships simply by sharing more love.  More Love!  What does more Love look like?  What does it feel like?  That's where it gets funky for me.  Love has felt like a various range of emotions, and it has ultimately knocked me over, yet at some point a deeper realization of Love reveals Itself.  I have no idea what to call it, but my body complains and my words linger in blame, complaining, and suffering.  That's the low-end range of emotions!  I'd say the higher-end could be called Joy, fun, gratitude, and appreciation.  I call it good though, because if I didn't pay attention I'd've never come to this moment of sharing these words with you.  So I let them be.  Call them inspired by Love, call it nothing.  Love doesn't need a name.  Love Is.