Word Up

Posted: 5/19/2007

What is happiness?  I ask myself this all the time.  Today, I believe happiness to be a natural state of being.  I look at Nature and believe that birds are happy, trees are happy.  Grass is happy.  Happiness is a state of being, right?  There's this spoken word CD by Pema Chodron called "True Happiness" where she talks about the "courage to be happy."  Yes, it's Buddhist teaching but I believe it to be so simple that even I cannot judge it.  The courage to be happy?  It takes courage to be happy???  I take a deep breath into this because I am reminded that I am the one responsible for my happiness.  No one can do it for me (The little girl inside of me screams in agony)!  No relationship, no job, no amount of money can make me happy permanently, and I say, "Yeah yeah, whatever.  That's someone else's life."  The truth is, it's my life too!  I get to choose what I want to believe.  I have been believing that a BMW would make me happy, but underneath that is the desire to be free enough to have whatever I want when I want it.  So what does this have to do with courage?  I can look within and see that I can be happy with what I have if I choose to.  This all goes back to choice.  When I remember that I am always at choice, then I can make the decision to be happy, again and again and again.  It's about letting go of the story of "I'm not enough...I haven't enough."  Lies.  This is the end of this story.  Affirmation:  I have decided to be happy.  I now choose to be happy.