Long Time Since?

Posted: 6/21/2010

One of my new favorite things I've done is adjusted my Facebook preferences so that I don't get an email every 10 seconds.  I appreciate the people who send me stuff, but I don't want the email clutter.  I like being invited, but I don't accept every invitation.  I like farms and dig farming, but I don't want to participate in farmville.  I think mobster stuff is cool, but I don't care to join mafia wars, any wars, etc.  I like to post things on my FB page when I feel like it, and I feel special when people send me hearts and drinks and other swag.  I like the facebook, and I do my best to refrain from complaining about it.  I just choose how much time I want to spend sifting through my friends' pictures of their vacations, kids, kids' kids, kids' cakes, and other random stuff.  Ah, the social networking.  It reminds me that there is one mind, one thing, all of it random yet in perfect order.  Peace out.